Turn Signals: Avoiding Avoidable Accidents

Safety conscious drivers understand the usefulness of turn signals. The importance of using turn signals is enormous and cannot be over emphasized. It’s a major precautionary measure that no driver can afford to ignore. Use of turn signals is a safe way to notify other road users of your intention to change lane.

When other road users are aware of your intention, they will have the opportunity of making informed decisions. This will not only help other road users in their decision making but also, prevent accidents.

Inappropriate Use of Turn Signals

What are those actions that constitute inappropriate use of turn signals? Let’s take a look at them one after the other so as to know how best to use them when the need arises.

Total Neglect: There are some drivers who care less about other road users’ lives hence, don’t make use of their turn signals at all. It is inappropriate not to allow other road users know your intention when you are about to change lane or make a turn.

Keeping of Turn Signals on After Use: It isn’t safe to keep your indicators on after you are done with lane change. Always turn off your indicators after use so as to prevent any form of confusion.

When you keep your indicators on, other road users will not be able to tell what your intentions are.

Dangers of Inappropriate Use of Turn Signals

Road safety requires conscious effort on the part of all drivers and other road users. Here are few dangers that may likely occur when a driver fails to appropriately use turn signals

Distracted Driving: When you use turn signal inappropriately, you are invariably distracting other road users. No form of distraction can be said to be minimal most especially when an inexperienced driver is involved. Distracted driving is a killer and I am sure you don’t want to be its architect on the road.

Accidents: Confusion often leads to accident and that’s why you should not confuse other road users by not making use of your turn signal. Make sure you do everything within your reach to prevent accident on roads.

Putting Your Life at Risk: When you fail to use your indicators in the most appropriate way, you are invariably endangering your life. Always remember that tailgaters abound on every road and they are likely going to crash into you someday.

You Are Breaking the Law: When you fail to make use of turn signal, you are invariably breaking traffic law. This may result in diverse penalties reason being that it’s an act of recklessness.

How to Appropriately Use Your Indicators

It makes no sense to round off this article without clarifying what appropriate use of turn signal is. Here are the few instances when its use is essential.

Change of Lane: If you are planning to change lane for whatever reason, always signal to other road users. This will help other drivers in making good judgment of your actions.

Turn Making: Do not turn abruptly. Make sure other road users are aware of your intention to change lane or turn. Turning without notifying other road users can cause fatal accidents on the road.

When Entering Traffic From a Parking Area: Make sure you use your turn signals when you are entering traffic from a parking area. You can’t be too careful in your quest for safety on the road. It is good to always be on the safe side.

Turn Signal Safety Tips

Be timely: It’s not a wise decision to swerve to the other lane the very moment you turn on your blinker. You are expected to make use of your blinker when you are about a hundred yards away from where you want to exit your current lane.  Abrupt turning is nothing but an invitation to fatal accident on the road.

Give Other Drivers Chance to Notice Your Action: You are not the one who needs the turn signal but other road users. That is the very reason you must give them enough room to know what you are about to do. The fact that your blinker is on is not a license to constitute nuisance to other road users.

Flip the Liver the Right Way: I am sure you have seen drivers who indicate right turn but swerve left and vice versa. This is possibly the most dangerous thing to do when you are behind the wheel. Be sure to flip the liver the right direction.

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