What To Do if You Suspect Someone is Tailing You?

You need some measure of bravery and intelligence to deal with a potential attacker.  It’s a fact that everyone is prone to attacks but some are more prone to attacks than others. What will you do if you suspect someone is tailing you or will you just surrender to an attacker?

A nursing mother who babysits at home is less prone to attacks compare to a jogger who jugs through isolated places every now and then. Also, a lone farmer who goes through deserted areas is more exposed to risks compare to an individual who works in a commercial area of a city. There are more than enough people to help the latter in moment of trouble.

In this article, I will be focusing on two different types of tailing. The first one being on foot while the other one is about when someone is tailing you while driving.

I have experienced car tailing  once and without any form of exaggeration, it was a terrifying moment.

What to Do if You Suspect Someone is Tailing You on Foot

Be vigilant at all times.
This is the most important of the whole steps.  Watch your surroundings as you jug along those quiet places. Your ability to see someone lurking behind an object or tree would definitely put you at advantaged position. You will be able to make informed decision before an attacker gets close to you.

Also, you have a better chance to escape an attack if you are able to spot a criminal on time compare to when he is so close and about striking.

Test to know reality
Nothing could be more foolish than embarrassing harmless people on the street in the name of suspicion. It’s time to test to know whether your instinct is right or not.

Cross to the other side of the road
To start with, if you are on the same side of the road, wisdom demands you cross to the other side of the road.

Also, you may have to speed up a bit so as to create more distance between both of you. Make sure you are checking to know if the suspect is also increasing his own speed as well. If he does, that’s nothing but a red flag.

It’s time to join other trekkers
Jug more swiftly and get closer to other trekkers.  Criminals prefer attacking in secret places because they always want to conceal their identity hence. Chances are he wouldn’t want to attack you in the presence of other people. Do not leave the pack until you are sure of safety.

Use Your Phone:
if public places are far away, use your phone to take the suspect’s picture and forward same to friends. This is a better way of exposing criminal to the public. Criminal hates being exposed hence, will flee if he suspects you’re about giving him away.

Call the police
After sending his picture to trusted friend, Bring out your phone as quickly as possible and put a call through to the police. Do not wait until the criminal is almost catching up with you.

Guess what, if an attacker suspects you are calling the police, he will possibly turn away as quickly as possible. This will surely save you from going through some needless horrible experience.

In case you don’t have your phone on you, maintain your confidence and do not show signs of jittery.

Boost your confidence level
I would like to state here that being fearful in moments of safety threats will do you no good. That is the more reason you have to be strong on the inside. Believe you can handle the situation and begin to plan ahead of any likely attack. No matter terrified you are, always make sure you are not distracted.

Pretend you are not afraid
I was stuck in traffic few years back and a guy just showed up from nowhere and was rubbing some cars on my lane. I opened my door and pretended I was ready for a fight but to my greatest surprise, he fled.

Note that some scenarios do not permit what I did. Be very careful when trying to exhibit bravery

Think safety but not confrontation:
It’s pointless trying to confront a criminal who is possibly armed.

Your priority should be how to get to nearby public place where there are enough people to seek refuge.  You must be careful not to increase your speed beyond normal and end up losing your strength in the process.

Ask him questions
Be brave to ask the suspect questions. At this point you are making it clear to him that you are aware of his bad intentions and that you are ready for him. Do not be too quiet.

Drive to where there are cameras
This is another way of exposing those tailing you and one of such areas is a gas station where there are security cameras.

Time to yell at him
in case you do not know, criminals hate two things – light and noise. They will always do everything possible not to get noticed and you must take advantage of that anytime you find yourself at their mercy.  When you yell, you are drawing nearby people’s attention to what is going on and that could serve as deterrent. Don’t ever think there is nobody around to hear you as there may be someone closer than you ever thought.

Time to blow the alarm
Don’t ever forget your personal alarm at home. In case you are yelling the man seems not deterred, it’s obvious he is out to attack and that is the right time to put your number one weapon to use. Blow it and keep blowing it but be very careful not to get it close to your ears.

Except the area is an extremely deserted environment, you are bound to attract people’s attention and possibly fetch you the much needed help.

Prepare to attack but don’t show it
At this point, begin to equip yourself with available weapon – your key and if you don’t have it with you, get your fingers ready.

Note that you have to pretend you are not planning to attack him or her as that would give you an opportunity to catch him unawares

The Most Awkward But possibly the most Potent Weapon
This is awkward but if you can get it, you might have your way.  Go to lawn area and pretend something falls of your hand but in the process pick some sand in your palm.

As soon as he is close, splash the sand into his eyes and I can assure you it won’t take him less than an hour to recover. You have more than enough time to escape at this point.

The good side of the sand attack is that even if your attacker is holding any weapon, he will be incapacitated

 Avoid heading straight home
If you succeeded at catching him unawares using some of the techniques to be discussed below, do not head home straight as that could be a way of erroneously letting the attacker know where you live.

Report Incidence:
The fact that you escape unhurt is not enough reason to keep the incidence to yourself.


There are few basic things to consider when going for a walk most especially when your journey could take you through deserted areas

  • Do not go out without holding your personal alarm most especially if you are a lady or an elderly person. This is needful as you really need it to draw public attention to your plight and possibly deter  a potential attacker.

  • Do not wear headphones: There is no way you could be listening to music and be conscious of your environment. Avoid anything that is capable of putting you at a disadvantaged position when walking alone

  • Do not panic: Fear will destroy your mental strength and that will increase your vulnerability to hazards. I am sure you don’t want to unknowingly end up taking wrong decisions.

  • Do not forget to draw people’s attention: All criminals hate being seen. That’s why you must not forget to alert people within your neighbourhood.

  • Any public place is a good place to go:  It doesn’t have to be a major event place – it could be a store or market – or any other places where there are at least two or three people

  • Look out for security camera covered area: Criminals don’t want anything that would give them away hence, don’t love operating in places where there are cameras.



There have been several cases of drive-by shooting leading to several deaths and fatal injuries  and chances are that the trend would continue no matter the number of measures put up to check it.

To avoid being a victim of such deadly attack, do the following:

Be vigilant
s a driver, make sure you are vigilant at all times. Always use all the mirrors at your disposal to monitor any likelihood of suspicious people tailing you.

Establish to know if your instincts are true:
Make at least 4 left turns and if the suspect does same, then it’s obvious you are in for a serious problem.

Use your phone
It might be unlawful to use your phone while driving but the essence of law is  to protect you. Take picture of the suspect and their vehicle including its plate number and forward same to a trusted friend who could broadcast it.

Call the police
The next thing you should do is to call the police and give them a clear picture of what is going on around you

Restrict yourself to populated and well-lit areas
Criminals hate light and noise and the least places they want to be is a well-lit or crowded environment. Stay where they don’t like until police comes to your rescue.

Drive to where there are cameras
This is another way of exposing those tailing you and one of such areas is a gas station


  • Don’t think of handling it on your own: Learn to call the police when you suspect anyone is tailing you as it could turn out suicidal should you try to handle the situation on your own.

  •   Don’t call the police if you are not sure someone is tailing you. Also, don’t try any funny thing in the name of self-defense so you don’t end up being charged for criminal conduct.

  •  Go to places where criminals hate – crowded and well lit places



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