Kid’s Safety in Summer: Protect Your Child

Who is to blame when a child suddenly open car door while the car is in motion? If that little girl suddenly gives you a knock in the head while driving, should you be blamed for that? Kid’s safety doesn’t come by accident but by putting up all necessary measures to guard against both expected and unexpected perils.

I am not here to blame but to encourage you to be very conscious of your child’s dangerous actions whether at home or when you are away from home. Children don’t have the mental capacity to think fast on containing impending dangers hence, your commitment to their safety. You must  be willing to take up the challenge of not only securing them from hazards but also, train them up on how to avoid hazard on their own.

Children love summer holiday and are always eager to visit places like amusement parks, beach, swimming pool, zoos and several other places in order to enjoy their holiday to the fullest.

Let’s now consider what to do to ensure your kid’s safety in any of the above-mentioned places and many more.

Pool Safety:

No water is too shallow to drown a child and that is why you must take appropriate care of your kid to prevent him or her from drowning. There is no room for levity if you are keen at ensuring your kid’s safety. Here are few precautionary measures that you must take to keep you kid safe.

  • Do not allow your kid to swim alone. There must be at least a mature adult who also knows how to swim to be on ground either to guide him or monitor him.
  • Guard against unauthorized pool entry by creating sufficient barriers around the pool area and be sure such barriers don’t give room for climbing. Your kid’s safety may be too demanding you just have to protect him at all cost.
  • Train your kid to always wear life jacket before entering swimming pool no matter how shallow the pool is.
  • Keep keys to pool barriers out of your kid’s reach so as to save him from taking risky adventure when you are not home
  • Make provision for rescue operations so as to be able to save the kid in event of accident.
  • Do not rely on inflatable items as they are not really reliable and could betray you when you least expected. Stick to government approved life jackets
  • Leave no room for dangerous adventures. Secure any window or door that may be facing your swimming pool reason being that adventurous kids would always want to explore every avenue to achieve their aims.
  • Be sure that that so called swimming instructor know what he is doing – on no account should that little kid below four years old be submerged
  • Suction entrapment is dangerous especially for kids hence, the need to be sure your pool suction has a cover
  • Teach your kid how to swim.

Playground Safety:

When choosing a playground for your kids, choose a beautiful one and make sure they have safe structures and equipment.  Also, it’s one thing to have perfect playground but it is another thing for your kids to play responsibly. For your kid to have a safer summer experience, here are few tips

  • Adult Supervision: It is important an experienced adult is on ground to monitor your kid’s activities on the playground. This is very essential reason being that kids lacks inability to foresee dangers.  Also, they possess low mental capacity to figure out solutions to accidents.
  • Safer playground surface: Be sure that that playground of your choice has good surface that is safe for children. Note that hard surface are not safe reason being that it would not give the necessary cushioning required in event of accident.
  • Ample Space: A good playground is supposed to be designed in such a way that no equipment  interferes with the other.  Kids need enough space to roam without colliding with one another.
  • Obey the Rules: Your child must play responsibly and it is your responsibility to make sure he conforms to laid down rules.
  • Teach Him or Her basic Playground Safety: There is no way your kid could obey rules or playground safety precautions that are not well communicated. For example, you kid may think standing on a swing is fun or believe jumping off it is cool. Teach him to know the many risks attached to every wrong action of his.
  • Tidiness: Teach your kid to keep items such as bicycle helmets, bags away from play area so as to prevent him or his playmates from tripping  over.
  •  Safe Equipment: Be sure that your kid is not using a broken playground equipment and that is why you need to personally inspect them so as to know if they are still in proper shape or not.  Remember, it is not about fancifulness but safety.
  • Hazard Consciousness: To stay safe on swings, make sure your knows what to do. Teach him or her to sit correctly while swinging and never to jump off a swing

Boating Safety:

Boating comes with so much fun but for your child to avoid drowning, here are few tips for you

  • Life Jacket: On no account should you allow your kid to boat without properly wearing a life jacket.  Anything on the contrary could be suicidal and might be too costly to bear.
  • Teaching and Learning: Do not assume your child knows how to wear a life jacket – teach him how to do that. Come to think of it, of what use is a life jacket worn but not strapped to the body? It is your responsibility to teach him all he needs to know about life jacket. Note that the best way to teach a child is to be doing what you want them to emulate

Bug Safety:

You can’t run away from bug in the summer but there are ways to handle them. Avoid anything capable of compromising your kid’s safety and be sure to follow anti-bug tips.

  • Location: Be sure to avoid location close to stagnant waters or other places where mosquitoes tend to breed in the summer.
  • Repellent: You need repellent to keep insects away from your kid and make sure the one you are picking up contains DEET.
  • Repellent Application: It is advisable you don’t allow your kid to apply repellent on his own. This is to save him from applying it on his eyes or mouth. No chemical is ever safe for consumption.
  • Injury: Check to know if your kid has any wound before applying repellent. It is not advisable to apply repellent on injured areas.
  • Fragrances: Avoid applying anything with fragrance on your child as that’s a sure way to attract mosquito to the innocent lad.
  • Dress Type: It is better for kids to wear clothes that would properly cover their body instead of relying on repellent all the time
  • Wash it Off: Be careful to wash off repellents from your kids body when you are back indoor.

Bicycle Safety:

That young lad wants to catch enough fun on a bicycle but then, you should protect him. Here are few tips that are very essential to your kid’s safety.

  • Helmet: Do not allow your kid to ride bicycle without wearing of helmet
  • Right Bicycle: Get him the right bicycle and few things to consider include having a low stand over height. Also, its handlebars and other features that would reduce your kid’s exposure to risks are very essential.
  • Proper Fitting: Make sure you buy a bike that is for your kid’s age group. Also, ensure it is properly fitted to avoid giving the young lad aches and pains.
  • Training: You need to train him on how to ride his bicycle as well as how to  wear his helmet correctly.   Also, ensure he wears his helmet whenever he wants to ride his bicycle.

Lawn Mower Safety:

I am sure you want to tidy up your environment but how best could you do that without injuring your kids? Just follow this simple guides for accident-free mowing experience.

  • Keep Them Away: The best way to prevent your kid from accident is to keep him away while working out there. You could get the busy with his favourite cartoon. Your kid’s safety may demand you set basic rules for certain occasions.
  • Check Equipment’s Condition: Always check to know if your mower is in good condition.  Make sure you avoid operating a mower that could cause accidents.
  • Flying Objects: Save your child from flying objects. This is attainable by picking all visible objects that could be thrown around by mower’s blade.

Zoo Safety:

A zoo is a place for wild animals but not pets hence, the need to exhibit caution when next you visit one.

  • Obey the rules: Make sure your kid obey rules such as walking within designated area
  • Zoo  Animals Are Wild in Nature: If you don’t tell your kid that zoo animals are still wild. He may want to treat them like the many pets you have at home. Let him know the dangers of playing with wild animals
  • Possible Barrier Failure: Do not put much trust in zoo barriers as they are capable of caving in. You need to prevent your child from climbing or leaning on them.
  • Have Fun But Be Cautious: It’s good to have fun but be careful not to cross the line. You don’t have to take selfie with wild animals except you don’t mind its cost. I am sure you don’t want that anyway.

Note: It is advisable you don’t take a stubborn child to a zoo and if you must, be ready to tame him

Fire Safety:

No fire incident ever left victim the same but with pains and trauma. You must do everything within your reach to prevent your kid from being one of its victims this summer. Your kid’s safety matters and to be on a safer side, take the following precautions.

  • Adequate Supervision: Don’t try to assume that your little lad knows the implication of getting close to fire. He may possibly think he is having fun. Be vigilant and give give him proper watch before he causes a major damage. Prevention they say, is better than cure.
  • Make Provision Against Hazards: Being watchful might not be enough as you may have to go further by providing fire extinguishing agents  ahead of emergencies
  • Teach Him Fire Safety Lesson: Your kid’s safety comes before that of property. Your teaching should cover how to guard against fire accident and what to do if fire eventually breaks out.
  • Distance Your Fire From Your Tent : This is aimed at making sure that your kids don’t have easy access to it.

Kid’s Safety and Parental Roles

Your Kid’s safety is very essential but does he have the necessary skills and strength to defend himself? Does he have what it takes to avert danger? Every child needs a hero and a heroin and he is looking up to no one else but his parents.

As vikaspedia succinctly puts it, a parent is the best person to teach a child about personal safety. You owe your kid duty to teach him everything he needs to know about personal safety

Do not forget to read more about fire safety and remember to share your thoughts with me




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