11 Crucial Duties of a Security Guard

In one of my previous post, I shared my experience on how our dog, Sammy saved me from some criminals. But for Sammy, the criminals would have succeeded at molesting me just few meters away from our house. Dogs are great protectors but their guarding prowess is still not enough to overshadow the importance of security guard.

If you really want to prioritize personal safety, get some Guard dogs to complement other security systems that are already in place. Guard dogs are mostly for residential buildings but not offices. How would you react  if your bank choose to secure their premises with guard dogs?

In this article, my focus will be on responsibilities of hired security guards. Also, I will be revealing how you can make use of them to your own advantage either for personal or company protection.


Hired security guards have several responsibilities and without delay, let us look at each of them one after the other.

Security Guards Must Make Their Presence Known:

Security guards are not police officers hence cannot arrest and detain a criminal for questioning. They are usually there to serve as deterrent to criminals. If the office has a tall fence, the security company should have some inscription on its gate. This is aimed at announcing their presence to any would-be intruders.

Do you know that criminals such as shoplifters hate being monitored? They will do anything possible to avoid being caught hence they avoid places where security guards could monitor their movement.

Exhibition of vigilance:

This is possibly their topmost responsibility. Their primary purpose is to prevent crime in their domains and to achieve that, being vigilant is a must. They monitor to see that doors and other entry point are opened and closed at the right time.

Also, security guards attached to companies are supposed to be monitoring people’s movements during office hours. They are not just monitoring but also, enforcing restrictions in areas where criminals are likely to strike.

A good security guard is expected to know when a criminal is trying to divert his attention in their bid to outsmart him.

Furthermore, they are trained to detect things that could constitute threat to lives such as electrical and chemical hazards. In other words, they are trained to be proactive at all times.

Prompt Response:

Being vigilant is not enough for a security guard to stay on top of his job. He has to exhibit swiftness when responding to hazards. Also, his responses are often subject to the nature of the threat at hand.

You don’t expect your guard to be jack of all trade or do you? His primary function is to notify appropriate authority. This is aimed at giving room for more knowledgeable people to take care of the any threat or hazard.

Also, your state’s law is a major factor and determinant of how a security guard responds to threat. Does the law permit him to carry weapons?

Security Guards Are Observant and Accurate in Reporting:

A good security guard does not react to issues so as to avoid not being able to observe and provide reliable report to appropriate authorities. The authority in this case could either be the police or his supervisor.

In other words, any security guard who is not good at observing events doesn’t worth a cent.  Without proper reporting, appropriate authorities may not be able to carry out necessary investigation not to talk of being able to proffer solutions to the problem.

Providing Evidence When The Need Arises:

Of what use is it to hand over a suspected criminal to the police if there are no sufficient evidence? Security guard an in best position to provide reliable evidence to prove that the accused actually commits a crime. Mere report is not substantial enough to prosecute an accused in the court of law.

Ability to Communicate With the Public

It is of no use having security guards who cannot convey vital information to the public in critical moments. There are times when the public need someone to reassure them of their safety and they are likely not going to listen to business executive. They would rather believe uniformed guy than a a charming man in suit.

Also, when it comes to enforcement of rules, people tend to obey men or woman in uniform.

Crowd Control:

Guards are also good at controlling crowd as public tends to respect their instructions. A corporately dressed business executive may not achieve desired result in crowd control.

Access Control:

Guards are very good at physical access control either in offices or residential buildings. Access control is very essential especially when trying to prevent weapon carriers from gaining entry.

There presence may be enough to deter some criminals from making any unlawful attempt to gain entry into your premises. Also, their presence may be enough to prevent non employees from gaining entry to where sensitive data are stored.

Lastly, you can entrust them with all access doors after office hours.

Seek Help :

A trained security guard knows when to seek help in moments of crises. Guards do not have to panic when  faced with difficult challenges but seek timely help. It is normal to call for help as swiftly as possible. They don’t have to confront a gang of rubbers who forced their way into their territory nor take up the responsibilities of firefighters.

It is important to note that seeking help in time of crises is not an act of cowardice but bravery.

Having said that, guards do not have to leave hazards that are within their control for others in the name of seeking help.

Relating As Team Members:

Except in situations where their employer isolates them from being part of their team, security guards are good team players. Many of them display rare intelligence when carrying out some miscellaneous business assignments in their respective designations.

They can serve as checks on employees ”smart” moves to beat certain security system. Also, they are good at other miscellaneous assignments such as maintaining fire safety and monitoring of cooling or heating systems.

Assisting Emergency Personnel:

Security guards are in best position to assist emergency personnel with useful information on how to get some situation under control. Firefighters may have all the equipment needed to bring fire under control but they still need the guards for vital information. Security guards are in best position to guide them on the easiest way to access hazard point.

Provision of Safety Warnings:

Do you know that a simple advice from you security guard may be all you need to survive hazard? An Intelligent guard will be able to give you timely security advice  because is more knowledgeable in this area.

Also, his advice should be convincing enough to compel you to buy into it. Additionally, he makes sure his safety advice is adhered to all the time.


  • Police officers are employed by government to maintain law and other while security guards employed by individual or companies to guard their premises against invasion or unauthorized entry.
  • The police is instituted to enforce laws in a state and protect her citizens whereas security guards are hired to prevent crime in their respective domains.
  • Police officers can make arrest and prosecute whereas security guards are expected to invite the police when there is need for arrest.


Employing security guards comes with some measure of comforts and advantages that worth mentioning.

  • Smooth Business Operation: The activities of safety guards enhances smooth business operation as people feel more safe and secured seeing them within a business environment.

  • Prompt Response To Issues: Unlike security camera that is just recording incidents, a security guard is active and mobile. A good guard will do everything within his reach to bring hazards under control. He does this either by personally handling the situation or calling appropriate authority for help.

  • Assisting Police: They are often the primary source of information when police are investigating any security breach in their domains. The reason is not far-fetched as they are always on ground to observe crises and give a good account of incidents.

  • More Protection For Lone Workers: Employee who enjoy working late enjoy some measure of comfort as no intruder will be able to sneak in when there are security guards present.

  • Increased Employees’ Safety: Their ability to control who enters where provides employees with much needed comfort when discharging their duties. Also aggrieved customers hardly think of attacking employees in business places where there are security guards.

  • Monitoring: You may have as many security cameras as possible but I am sure you don’t have the time to monitor video surveillance. Security guards are good at doing this and with their help, you will be able to apprehend criminals before they leave your premises.


There are many class of people and businesses that cannot do without the services of security guards. If you belong to any of this group, go get yourself some uniformed guys.

  • Banks: There is no way a state could provide enough security personnel for all banks operating within her domain. Banks need enough security personnel hence, the need for them  to employ the services of private security companies or set up a security unit to handle all security related services.
  • Casinos: Casinos attracts some hardened guys and any of such companies that fail to provide enough security will surely close down in no distant time.
  • Retail Stores: No retail store owner wants to expose his business to shoplifters and armed robbers. Retail stores need security guards’ presence to serve as deterrent to criminals. No Shoplifters wants to expose himself to monitoring hence will stay off guarded areas.
  • Manufacturing Companies: A manufacturing company cannot do without security guards. This is aimed at preventing bad workers from stealing equipment and raw materials and invariably run the company aground.




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