Night Driving and How to Prevent Hazards

Roads are freer at nights but every driver knows that the most dangerous time to drive is night time. Victims of night driving often die for lack of timely help.

It is almost impossible not to drive after dark no thanks to several factors such as unexpected mechanical fault, delay in closing hour, the need to attend to an emergency and many more.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some dangers of night driving and some basic precautions that are needful for you to avoid being a victim.


Night driving comes with so many hazards and many of which are avoidable while few may be beyond victim’s control. You will have clearer understanding of what I am trying to say as you read further. Let’s go!

Poor Vision

No matter how good your vision is during the day, you wont be able to see farther distance  when you are behind the wheel at night. Your vision will surely be impaired by several factors such the dark itself, other vehicle’s headlight and few other things.

This may invariably constitute some distractions and if you are not careful, you may end up crashing your car. Here are some precautionary measures to curb poor vision associated with night driving

Healthy Eye: Do not hesitate to visit your optician for comprehensive eye examination at least on yearly basis. This is meant to ascertain whether your eyes are still in good condition or not. If you really want to enjoy night driving, be kind enough to maintain healthy eyes.

Poor Headlamps:
This is possibly the most challenging factor that makes night driving hazardous.
If you have bad headlights, clear vision is no longer attainable and that will invariably compromise your safety. Also, bad headlights from other vehicle could constitute hazards.

Beams from badly aimed headlights could blind you and lead to crash if you are not a skillful driver.If your headlights are not working, consider yourself stranded. You can always aim your headlights correctly provided you have car manufacturer’s manual t serve as a guide.

Its advisable you don’t  wait until there is need for for you to drive after dark before cleaning your lights. Always polish or replace them whenever the need arises.

Glare is vision problem that occurs when you encounter a light source that interferes with your vision and has the potential of slowing down your reaction time. You will experience this at night when there is a combination of both bright and dim lights. It is what every driver except those who wear anti-reflective glasses at night experience.

When oncoming light tends to blind your eyes, take your eyes off them temporarily. This is very necessary so as to give your eyes some relief from the beam. Be careful not to stare at any light or other fanciful things along the road but put your whole attention on your journey.

Wearing right set of glasses matters when driving after dark. You can curb night glare problems by wearing anti-glare eye glasses and be sure to do away with reflective glasses.

Bad Weather

Driving through bad weather during the day is terrifying not to talk of driving through same at night. Imagine if you have to drive through a fug or ice at night – nothing could be more horrible.

Bad weather is a major hazard all driver including you and I want to avoid at night but the question is, how safe is it to park by the road side when you are alone in the dark?

Few solutions to this include reducing your speed, cleaning of windshield and adjusting your light to cater for current condition. You may as well pass the night in nearby motel.


Obstructions are deadly at night and I am sure you don’t want to encounter them. Let us look at few things that could constitute deadly obstructions at night

Fallen Trees: Driving through the wood at night is more risky especially if it stormy reason being that some trees may fall and obstruct the road.

  • To curb  obstruction related accidents, you may need to reduce your speed to avoid running into any barricade.

Wildlife Crossing: Obstruction may arise when a wildlife is crossing the road and if you are not so observant, you may end up running into it.

  • To avoid running into animals, reduce your speed and make sure you aim your lights correctly.

Construction Sites: Another form of obstruction may be as a result of ongoing construction on the road you are plying. This is more dangerous when you are not familiar with the many diversions that have been introduced on the road. You may want to adhere to the few precautions below.

  • Always source for safety information about routes you are not familiar with.
  • Also, When plying road under construction, always watch out for road signs


The possibility of tiredness after a hectic day’s after a very hectic day’s work is very high and that makes driving at this time of the day more riskier than you can ever imagined. It is possibly one of the major causes of accident that is often beyond driver’s control

Note that tiredness breeds drowsiness while drowsiness breeds accident. I am sure you don’t want to experience any form of trauma. You may want to consider the following precautionary measures

  • Make sure you have enough rest before setting out . Take a nap if possible
  • If you are too tired for night driving, postponing your journey to the next day is a good option
  • Another to to avoid driving when tired is to take alternate transport. You could hire a taxi or go by public bus

Criminal Activities

Criminal activities are more rampant at night and that makes night driving a more dangerous. It is hard to  identify a suspected criminal at night as opposed to what is obtainable during the day.

Also, it may be very difficult to tell if you are being tailed by a criminal or not thereby making you more vulnerable to attacks.

How To Stay Safe When  You Are Stranded

Nobody likes helplessness especially in deserted areas hence, the need for some precautionary measures. The fact that you are not involved in crash doesn’t mean you are safe on the road. Here are few needful precautionary measures for you.

Pull Off The Road: If your vehicle suddenly develops fault, try as much as you can to pull off the road. Also, be sure to put on your hazard lights so as to notify other road users of your plight.  If its impossible to pull off the road, don’t risk your life by trying to push the vehicle to the shoulder.

Care must be taken not to stand either in front of or behind your vehicle . This is to avoid being crushed by another driver who possibly didn’t see you on time.

Assess the Problem: Your car may have given you some clues in form of strange sounds, slow response to acceleration, high temperature and few other signs. It’s good you check to know if its a minor fault you could fix up.

Call For Help: You don’t need to wait until there is trouble before calling for help. Call appropriate authority to seek help. When calling for help, do not forget your roadside service provider – they will be right there for you.

Lock Yourself Up: If you are not sure of your safety standing by your car, luck yourself up pending arrival of police. Also, you may consider rejecting offer to help from strangers

Emergency Kit: You never can tell when you will be in need of some basic items such as water, food and few other item to sustain you pending the arrival of assistance.


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