Why You Should Never Leave Your Car Unlocked

Some people are of  the opinion that leaving your car unlocked is a wise decision if you don’t want break-ins.  Those who belong to this school of  thought see no reason why you should expose your car to unnecessary damage. If you have been leaving your car unlocked, kindly read to the end. You may not be exposing your car to damage but you are certainly exposing yourself to serious trouble.

In this article, I will be focusing on what may likely happen if you are fond of not locking your door.


Terror Attack: I am sure you don’t want to be a victim of terror attack! Events in recent past show that terrorism is increasing on daily basis hence, the need to play safe. An unlocked car will sure give room for terrorists to  plant explosives unchecked.

Insurance Cover: You may need to check with your insurance so to avoid losing your claim in event of losses. Some insurance companies may refer to your action as negligent an as such will not compensate you for losses.

Rental Company May Hold You Liable: Your rental company expects you to take reasonable care of the car and and sure you don’t want to break the rule. If there is no evidence to show there was a forced entry, prepare to bear your loss or losses.

Loss of Valuable Property: If you fail to lock your car, you risk losing your valuable item to thieves. I am sure you don’t want to lose your laptops, jewelries and other personal effects to criminals.

Note that this doesn’t mean you should leave any of those items on your car seat. Learn to keep them in the trunk or any other confinements where they are not visible to marauders.


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