Top 10 Guard Dogs You Really Need

Domesticated or guard dogs are very loyal and dependable friends if you train them well enough. You may never appreciate them until criminals walk into your apartment with little or no stress. You may not be thinking of owning one if  you have never been caught unawares by armed robbers.

My love for dogs started the day our dog, Romeo showed up from nowhere when a group of guys tried to attack me on my way back home from an errand.

A simple groan from Romeo was all it takes for my attackers to vanish within seconds.

In this article, I will be sharing  with you the best ten guard dogs (in my own opinion) that are known to be up to task when the need arises for them to defend you or your family members. Owning guard dogs comes with so many benefits and I believe you know them but if you don’t, read it up.

Best Guard Dogs

In case your preferred breed is not listed, just bear with me.

Bull MastiffBullmastiff

It is a guard dog noted for great strength and total commitment to family loyalty. It is one of those dogs you could count on when it comes to protection instincts and always ready to teach an intruder how not to cross the line.

A bullmastiff is very intimidating in its looks. Also, it is very prolific in its attacking prowess – very fearless a breed.  It is one of the few breeds that study their environment very well and get to know who and what is under his watch.

To enjoy the full benefit of owning a bullmastiff, make sure you buy it as a puppy so as to be able to give it the much needed training from the outset.

This will prevent them from barking at other pets in the house.  It requires good nutrition to thrive well all through its years but require little grooming for tidiness.

Rottweiler dog breedRottweiler

It is a dog whose path no strange or intruder wants to cross. It is a great protector that always wants to be in charge when it comes to protecting its domain.

Never keep untrained Rottweiler in your home as they could be very aggressive even towards children.

Having said that, a properly trained Rottweiler is surely one of the best guard dogs you could ever found. They are known to be very intelligent and brave.

Note that their aggressiveness doesn’t take friendliness away from them hence, be rest assured of their friendliness and loyalty. One important thing though – always make sure they are fed as at when due.

Doberman PincherDoberman Pincher

This is probably the best breed for those who build houses on large land area reason being that a Doberman Pincher is noted for its great athletic prowess.

One thing that cannot be taken away from them is their obedience to instructions. A well-trained Doberman will always obey you. Its height and size is very intimidating and their growling will always send jitters to the spine of any intruder.

Just like I said of bullmastiff, make sure you groom Doberman from puppyhood to avoid dangers associated with bringing adult guard dogs into your house. This is very important as they are often not easy to train and failure to dominate them from the outset could create some problems.

A well-trained Doberman pincher is noted to be loyal. Also, it is a good breed you could entrust with the keeping of your home.

German shepherd dog breedGerman shepherd

If you are looking for a guard dog that will always quickly react when your house is being threatened, then the German Shepherd is the most ideal dog for you.

They are often preferred by police reason being that they are very intelligent. Also, they are very swift in carrying out instructions. They are trainable.

Their menacing looks are very intimidating and they often bank on their strength when taking on intruders. They have all it takes to bring any intruder down no matter his size or height.

If you need a guard dog that is always full of confidence and ready to demonstrate learned skill, german shepherd is the dog you are looking for. A well trained German shepherd is possibly the best dog breed you could have either as watchdog or guard dog

Giant Schnauzer dog breedGiant Schnauzer

This is a dog breed that is known to be powerful and strong. Their appearance are very intimidating and good enough to send jitters to the spine of any intruder.

Give a giant schnauzer a proper training and you will get a perfect guard dog with pure loyalty in your home.

Fila Brasileiros dog breed
Fila Brasileiros

This is actually one of the mastiff’s family as it’s also known as Brazilian Mastiff. It is one of the most protective dogs that are very temperamental in nature.

Fila Brasileiros are great guard dogs but care must be taken if you desire one as  there is need for you to be a very good trainer .

They are noted for attacks on intruders but who knows when a family member who the dog has not identified to be part of the family would come visiting?

Above all, a Fila Brasileiros is known to be loyal and ready to keep you and your family safe from  intruders at all times.

  Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog breedStaffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier are naturally very aggressive and protective guard dogs. One might be tempted to believe they are American Pit Bull Terrier but they are not.

It is known to be very resilient when guarding family member. Caution should be taken not to buy adult Staffordshire Bull Terrier  reason being that they require training at early age.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is noted for not backing down when on assignment. It is very aggressive when dealing with an intruder.

 Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breedRhodesian Ridgeback

If you call this dog African Lion Hound, you are very much correct as it is a breed originally from South African farmers. It was specially trained to hound Lions.

It is a natural guard dog that doesn’t bark if it doesn’t perceive any security threat.

One thing that worthy of note is that they are usually dominant guard dogs whose obedience is subject to the level of good training given them. This is the more reason why it is advisable you buy this breed when they are still puppies.

If you really want to enjoy them always give them enough cuddles. They are known to be loyal guard dogs that would always be there to guard your family at all times.

 Puli dog breedPuli

If you want a fascinating guard dog that loves fun and ready to thrill you with its active lifestyle, then Puli is right for you. I call them ‘’rastapet’’ because of their hairstyle.


One thing about them is that they are too suspicious and that makes them bark a lot.  But, be rest assured that an intruder will likely get a bite on his leg when the need arises.


A puli might not be huge in size and height but its guarding prowess cannot be taken away anytime, any day.

Did I hear you say you need a hiking partner? Get Puli for yourself.

Akita dog breed


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