Fire Extinguisher: All You Need To Know

Do you have  fire extinguisher close that that hazard point in your house? No one can tell where and when the next fire incidence will happen.

Did I hear you say insurance? Of course insurance will pay but how will they compensate a man who lost his only son to fire? How will they replace burnt family artifact?

The best solution to fire is prevention. Do you know it’s possible to prevent fire incident in your home?  The truth is you can actually be free from it if you follow the few guides in this article.

In this article, I will like to talk about fire extinguisher and how you can use it to your advantage. I will walk you through types fire extinguisher and the class of fire each extinguisher is meant for.


  • Water
  • FoamFiire extinguishers
  • Dry Powder (ABC rated)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Fire Blanket
  • Dry Water Mist


Water fire extinguishers are primarily produced for quenching fire resulting from possibly smoking or candles. Also, it is effective on cushions, papers, fabrics and any other items devoid of grease. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and that makes it safe for children and adult alike.

You must be careful it’s only applied when fire has not spread to electrical hazard points. Also, make sure you don’t spray it in the direction of any electrical socket.

Don’t just buy water fire extinguisher but the ones with environmentally friendly additives. This will keep you away from air pollution.

NOTE: Test any fire extinguisher said to have friendly additive beforehand to avoid casualty in moment of fire incidence.


Without oxygen, fire is powerless and that is why fire experts have come up with foam fire extinguisher. This makes use of a chemical reaction that starves fire of oxygen.

Foam fire extinguisher are ideal for combustible liquids and class A fires. Many people are also of the opinion that it is good on electrical fires while some say it passes dielectrical test.

In my own opinion, it’s safer to avoid taking a risk that may end disastrous.


This fire extinguisher is primarily for class B fires but can also be used on electrical appliances.

One major benefit of using carbon dioxide extinguishers on electrical appliances like computer hardware is that it doesn’t make them short-circuit.

You must be careful when you use this type of extinguisher reason being that reigniting of fire is possible if carbon dioxide in the hazard point is exhausted. If you discover the problem is from electrical cables, make sure you switch off the power source as soon as possible.

Also, be mindful of the type of horn a CO2 extinguisher has before buying. Check to see if they come with frost-free horns because those are the ones that are ideal for use.

It is advisable you don’t use CO2 extinguisher on deep fat fryers.


But for its inability to cool off burning materials, powder fire extinguisher has incredible firefighting capacity. It is ideal for fighting class A, B and C fires.

As the name implies, it comes in powder and that makes it dangerous for an uninformed user who might end up inhaling it.

fire-extinguisher-1128461_1920To avoid inhaling the powder, don’t  use in area where there is no proper ventilation. This means it isn’t good for offices and homes because most of them don’t have enough ventilation.

The possibility of re-igniting of fire is also possible with  powder fire extinguisher. Another major problem associated with powder extinguisher is difficulty in cleaning up after use. You may have to cope with some damage to your carpets and some other household items.


This is the best extinguisher for your kitchen. It  takes care of kitchen fires such as burning oils and deep fryers. This type of extinguisher produces layer of foam on burning oil or any class A fire.

Be careful not to allow it have contact with live electrical cables as this may result in serious hazard. Also, it’s advisable you keep it away from your garage so as to avoid using it on flammable liquid.


This is possibly one of the most ideal things you should have in your kitchen.  Fire blanket is very efficient when used on small pan fires. Keep your fire blanket in an accessible place in your kitchen.

fire blanket

When you put your fire blanket to use, do not be in a hurry to check if the fire is gone out so as to prevent fire from reigniting. Do not give room for fire to access oxygen. Furthermore, make no attempt to remove frying pan from its current position unless you are sure the fire is completely out.

Also, Fire blanket is useful on any individual whose clothing has caught fire. To use it in this wise, simply wrap it around the individual and the fire will sure go off. This will prevent higher degree of burns compare to when victim choose to run with fire.

As I mentioned earlier, do not use other type of fire extinguisher on burning oil. Be sure you stick to few ones primarily produced for it.


The fact that you have fire extinguisher does not mean you have the capacity to quench a raging fire. Here are few things you may need to consider before swinging into action.

Think safety: Always make sure it is safe to use fire extinguisher before you go for it. Remember, your life is more precious than the property you may be trying to protect.

Family Safety: Just before you think of combating fire, make sure all your family members are safe. You have few minutes to escape major fire and if you don’t act on time, it might be too late to rescue anyone. Every second counts.

Also, don’t try to extinguish fire at the expense of other occupants’ lives. If you are living in an apartment, alert others of impending danger as soon as possible.

Right size matters: There is no need to buy an extinguisher if you won’t be able to use in event of fire outbreak. Except you are a trained fire-fighting personnel, you don’t need industrial fire extinguishers.  Save yourself the trouble of buying an extinguisher that may be useless in event of fire outbreak.

Safe escape route: Always remember to be on the safe side of fire. Make sure you don’t position yourself where escape will be difficult should fire escalate.

Good Positioning: Your fire extinguishers must always be kept in easily-accessible places. Make sure you keep them in tidy places where there won’t be hitch picking them up.

Right fire extinguisher in the right place: Keeping CO2 extinguisher in your kitchen is suicidal so also is positioning of water extinguisher close to electrical hazard point. Always make sure you identify which extinguisher is good for each hazard point.

Routine check: Be sure to carry out routine check on your fire extinguisher at least once a year. This is needful so as to be in the know of its state at all times.

Learn to use them ahead of time: Do not wait until fire breaks out before reading up instructions on your extinguisher. Don’t just read the manuals but also, test it if the need be so as to be sure of its efficacy.


Nobody wants to buy a product if it doesn’t have direct or indirect benefits. Below are some of the many benefits of having fire extinguisher in your home or office.

  • Environmental protection: Fire extinguisher play a major role in environmental protection. It helps in curbing fire disaster and it is the most used equipment in stopping fire in its early stage.

  • Personal and Family Safety: Fire extinguisher has the capacity to stop fire in its early stage and that makes it one of the most potent personal safety equipment of all time.

  • Peace of mind: Having fire extinguisher in your house or office provides some measure of peace of mind.

The beautiful side of you having it on your walls is that it doesn’t look horrible on them. It gives some measure of relaxed mind to everyone in your home.

  • Easy to use: Fire extinguisher is easy to use reason being that it doesn’t require any form of technicality. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test your device before fire outbreak.

Instruction on how to operate it depends on the type of extinguisher you have in your home.

  • Long lasting: Except there is fire incidence, fire extinguisher is one of those few products you rarely use. You may not need to replace them for several years.

  • Home/property safety: Don’t lose your property to fire in the name of waiting for fire fighters to come and put out small fires. With fire extinguisher, you will be able to quench small fires and invariably protect your valuable assets.

  • Easy maintenance: Fire extinguisher doesn’t require tough maintenance. All you need do is to simply follow  manufacturer’s instructions. Some require occasional shaking while others may just be routine check either once or twice a year.


Class A: Class A fire is basically fire in ordinary combustible such as wood, paper and cloth. Also, fire in trash and plastics belong to this class of fire.

Class B: Class B fires involve flammable liquid fires. These include fires from gasoline and other petroleum products. Also, propane and butane fires are classified as class B fires. You must be careful not to mistake cooking oils and grease for class B fires.  Cooking oils and grease are class K fires but not B.

Class C: Class C fires have to do with fires involving energized electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, and appliances.  The possibility of fire reigniting is common with Class C fires if power source is not switched off on time.

Class D: Class D fires are fires in combustible metals such as potassium, sodium, aluminum, etc.

Class K: Class K fires are fires in cooking oils and grease. The best extinguisher for this class of fire is fire blanket.

Supplementary Fire Safety Equipment

Having fire extinguisher in your house may not be enough as you sure need more equipment to be on safer side. Here are few other items you really need to guard against fire in your home.

Smoke Detector: You need smoke detector in your home. This is to notify you of impending fire as early as possible. With it, you will be able to respond to fire incident in its early stage.

Also, it prevents you from being caught unawares by fire in your sleep. This is possibly one of the reasons you can’t do without smoke detector.

Fire Sprinkler: Fire sprinkler is very essential to your safety. Whether you are trying to protect your home or your office, you can count on it.

Thank you so very much for reading up to this point. Kindly join others in creating a safer environment by sharing your thoughts in the comment area.


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