Electronic Door Viewer For Additional Home Security

It was an avoidable death that has taught me great lessons. Any time I remember the painful loss of a friend to a criminal, tears haven’t stopped rolling down my cheeks. It didn’t occur to us that we needed an electronic door viewer until our door chain betrayed us. We relied on our door chain until a criminal caught us unawares and forced his way into our apartment.

Dave was never a careless man but for our door chain that wasn’t strong enough to resist an intruder. He was badly stabbed to death by a criminal who forced himself in after breaking our door chain. Horrible!

What’s the relevance of Dave’s case to this topic? Here is it. Many people lost their loved ones in such negligent manner hence, the need to stop such occurrence as much as we can.

In this article, I will try as much as possible to provide you with information and usefulness of electronic door viewer. Also, if time permits, I will share with you how a little precaution saved a friend from what a would-be deadly attack.

Let’s go!


Going by what I went through in Dave’s incidence and other personal experience in recent past, I am of the opinion that nowhere is safe. It’s no longer safe to rely on government for safety and that’s why you must take personal security serious.

An electronic door viewer is a device with which you could see whoever is outside of your door without having to get closer. Note that there are only few door viewers gives you the opportunity to see who is at your door without getting closer.

In this article, I will be focusing on door viewers with enough features to guarantee some measure of safety

Electronic door viewer is in recent past introduced as an improved version of the traditional door peephole. The old peephole requires an individual to peep through a tiny hole on their door before they could identify who is at their door.Door peephole It isn’t really bad except that it at times gives people away to criminals.

This doesn’t mean the technology is new in anyway as it has been in use in many countries of the world. You possibly have heard about it but didn’t really know its importance.

Your front door is the most strategic entry point and you cannot afford to be too relaxed with it.

padlock-308589_1280One thing I would like to say is that the device may not be enough to curb personal attacks while at home. It is an additional security measure that will serve as a deterrent to intruders. Also, it will help you to make informed decision when the need arises.

You sure need additional security measures to stay safe at home.

Having said that, an electronic door viewer could also serve as substitute for those who could not afford video intercoms.

With the modern and improved featured door viewer, you are able to see exactly who is at your door without having to rely on door chain. A door chain can be forcefully broken when your door is slightly opened.

Also, a modern door viewer can prevent you from attacks from criminals who normally pierce through their victims in the process of leaning on the door.

There are two types of electronic door viewer. The first one requires manual operation while the other operates automatically. The latter comes with motion censor with which it detects if anyone is getting close to your door.

Well, if time permits, I will try as much as possible to highlight the many differences between the two types mentioned. Also, it will also be of help in making buying decision in the nearest future.


There are several electronic door viewers out there with different features but my focus would be on the few ones that give users some measure of safety and comfort.The reason for this is simple – my focus is on safety.

Please note that I am not saying that those ones with less features are not good. Of course they are good and  more economical!

There are about fifteen benefits and to avoid wasting too much of your time, let’s look at them one after the other .

dp1Ability to view from afar:
This is possibly the topmost advantage of electronic viewer.

Its screen is wide enough to guarantee clear vision as far 1.5 meters away without letting the intruders know you are at home. This does not only provide some measure of safety but also, convenience.

dp 2

Opportunity to make informed decision:
The point here is that if you discover the man at the door is an intruder, you will be able to call the police as soon as possible.

If you still remember Dave’s case,  he wouldn’t have opened the door for his assailant if  he had known who he was.

Doberman PincherConvenient for all age groups:
Unlike the traditional peephole, the electronic door viewer makes life convenient for children and aged ones.

This means you will not be unnecessarily  exposing your kids to dangers and they don’t need to attain a certain height before they could make use of the door viewer.

dp 4Relatively cheap:
Electronic door viewers are relatively cheap compare to cost of getting a video intercom. Intercoms are often too expensive because they require monthly subscriptions. (Note that this is only for those who would like to use it as substitute for advanced security systems)

dp 5Easy installation
Door viewer’s installation does not require major technical skill. The only major task is drilling of hole on your door. Once that is done, you can do your installation in matter of minutes with the aid of attached manual.

Note that you might not need to drill any hole as you could use the one you are currently using for your old door peephole.

dp 6Works well at night:
Like some security cameras, the electronic door viewer does not require a totally lit area to produce a clear vision. This doesn’t mean you should leave your surroundings in total darkness.

dp 7

Multiple view angles
Unlike the traditional peephole, electronic door viewer provides you the opportunity to view all angles so as to be sure there is not more than one person at the door.

With the traditional peephole, you can’t see more than the person who is directly facing your door. That makes it impossible for you to know if there are attackers lurking by the door side.

dp 8Peephole cover advantage
Some electronic door viewers come with peephole cover and this prevents criminals from using peephole reverse tool. You’ll surely not be a victim of peephole reverse tool  often used by criminals to see if their target is inside.

With the peephole cover, their tool becomes ineffective and that gives you some measure of safety.

dp 9Increased peace of mind
Remember the kind of fear that normally grips you whenever you hear a knock on your door especially when you are home alone? Well, I am sure you understand me perfectly.  The door viewer comes with some measure of peace of mind

dp 10

Increased confidence
You don’t need to be afraid of any likely attack if you do use your viewer before opening your door. Note that you don’t have to limit its use to identifying of guests as it’s also useful anytime you wish to step out of your house.

dp 11Absolute privacy
Your footstep’s sound is enough to give you away to intruders. With a door viewer, you would be able to know who is at the door and pretend not to be home if the need be.

12Works without electricity
Most door viewers come with batteries that could last at least one year hence, power outage doesn’t constitute disruption. Note that you need to give your viewer battery routine check to know how effective it is.

13Multiple door sizes compatibility
Electronic door viewers feature an adjustable shaft for the peephole camera. They are designed to fit onto thin plated doors as well as thick doors.

14Record Keeping

Some electronic door viewer gives users the opportunity to know came around even when they were away from home as it takes pictures of whoever presses the call button. This serves as additional safety measure as they could be used to investigate burglary cases


I almost got carried away by the many benefits derivable from this little technology that I almost forgot to mention the few disadvantages I have discovered.  I did a lot of search and here are few things I discovered:

  • Faulty door viewer may need outright replacement: No one seems to be saying anything about fixing faulty viewers . You may have to replace it at your own cost if available warrant expires
  • Limited warranty: Most manufacturers are giving one year warranty and that means you are only covered for just one year
  • A burglar could come in and go away with the LCD screen

Permit me to ask you a simple question: Are these three reasons enough to put you off?

Good security  always comes at a cost and I don’t think replacing a device after few years of use is too much a price to pay for your safety.


There’s no straight answer for this as it depends on the nature of your house but, I am sure you need at least two. You need one for the front door and the other for back/exit door.

Note that some houses may need more than two viewers and that include any storey building with balcony upstairs. You need one for that door as there have been cases when burglars invade house via such doors.

The one for the front door is very essential reason being that it is a strategic door that criminals who might want to present themselves as visitors or postman would always want to come in through that entry point while the backdoor is essential to prevent criminals from forcing their way into your house when you open to go to the laundry or for trash disposal.


There is no straight answer to this.  It all depends on the type of door viewer you choose to buy as there are few doorbells that have all the features as security cameras.

In other words, if your door viewer doesn’t keep records, you surely need a security camera to d that.  Records are very useful for police investigation when the need arises.

Also, you need security camera to monitor your compound so as to know if there’s any security breach. You don’t have to wait until there is breaking in to your house before acting.

Also, an electronic door viewer does not record activities inside your house. This means there will be no useful records for further investigation in case intruders eventually find their way in.

Why do I need an electronic viewer when I already have already installed security cameras? Well, you can’t be too careful at this time when criminal activities are on the rise on daily basis.


Every manufacturer would always say their products are good products but could that be true? Facts show that poor quality products always hits the market no matter the strictness of government’s measures.

Not all door viewers are up to standard but I will not be able to cover that in this post.   You can check out my review of few good electronic door viewers in one of my posts.

Just a little negligence and my friend, Dave is gone. Yes, there are times when even the smartest of all men could be caught unawares but that should never be a license for negligence. You’ve been able to learn one or two things from my friend’s ordeal and the price we eventually paid.

This post is getting too long but I did remember I promised to share with you how a little precaution saved one of my friends from what could have been a deadly attack. If you don’t mind learning from him on how he used door viewer to his advantage, check it out here.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment area and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Thank you so very much for reading up to this point. Stay blessed and safe.


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