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That must be Rita or the post man! …that sounds like a guess.   How many times have you guessed wrong when it comes to knowing who is at your door? What would you say to the many recent attacks in the United States?  I am sure none of the victims was expecting the massacres. They were all caught unawares! You sure need best doorbells for increased security.

A gadget doesn’t have to be pricey to be able to produce needed result.    Imagine you being far away from home but still able to speak to someone who is at your door. Every safety gadget is supposed to come with some measure of comfort and convenience.

In this review, I will try as much as possible to provide you with needed information on good and reliable door bells.  I will be focusing mainly on doorbells with few  of them  not only going to give you the needed convenience while at home but also shows you live video of anyone outside your door while you are away.

But just before I do that, I would like to list out the few sets of people who need to read this review to the end as I am not ready to waste anybody’s time

  1. If you are a safety conscious fellow
  2. If you believe in providing the needed safety and comfort for your family
  3. If you are interested in products that really work
  4. If you believe every safety information is vital

Also, included in this review is possibly all you need to know about doorbells. In other words, whether you are here because you need to make informed buying decision or to have a clear picture of modern doorbell, be rest assured of getting a worthwhile takeaway.

Top 5 Best Doorbells And Security Systems

There are uncountable doorbells in the market but I have listed below few ones that are to some extent, giving users the much desired value for money


Ring doorbell for saleIf you are looking for the most popular and acceptable doorbell, this is the brand you should go for. It was an ordinary doorbell that metamorphosed into a video recording security system to give users the desired peace of mind whether they are home or away.

All you need is a WI-FI that is up and you get a stream of video and audio on all smart phones or iOS devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi.

The Ring doorbell gives you the luxury of sitting anywhere in your home and still be able to monitor and speak to whoever is at your door. Also, this amazing doorbell provides you the opportunity to detect an intruder or criminal before he breaks in.

Furthermore, your ability to send video to cloud recording application makes the gadget more reliable as stored information could be retrieved even if criminals made away with device with the hope of escaping the long hands of the law. The cloud storage function comes with a premium anyway

The Ring doorbell remains active even at night as it comes with inferred LEDs with primary function of capturing video in the dark and that means you are sure of twenty four hours of surveillance per day.

Ring Doorbell FEATURES:

  • Mobile access:
  • Motion detection:
  • Dual power source:
  • Easy installation:
  • HD camera for optimum recording quality
  • Multiple face-plate finishes
  • Built in chargeable battery
  • Includes all-inclusive mounting kit


The ring doorbell is more economical compare to the cost of buying security cameras and high monthly charges for monitoring

Multiple user advantage:
Ring doorbell gives room for multiple users thereby providing room for all member of the family with details of what is going on in their home

Security and safety:
If a ring bell is accessible by all, other member of the family would be able to know if any member of the family is attacked while they are away and that’s gives them opportunity to respond as soon as possible

Cloud recording advantage:
The fear of losing evidence of a crime doesn’t arise with Ring doorbell as it automatically stores all recorded video in the cloud. The advantage here is that you can retrieve stored information from the cloud even if the criminal went away with your bell with the aim of escaping the long arms of the law.

Easy installation:
Less tool and process are required for installation. It doesn’t take more than five minutes to get your doorbell installed and you don’t need any for of technical assistance – just follow instructions in your manual

Live video recording:
With the Ring Doorbell, you are sure of getting high definition video streams as soon as any motion is detected. The beauty of this doorbell is that you don’t need to be home to see the video as same is sent to your mobile device wherever you are.

Two-way voice communication:
You will be able to speak to your visitor and hear him speak to you as well. This is an amazing benefit as you could communicate with your guest as if you are on phone.

Features Infrared LEDs for night vision:
Having a doorbell that has the capacity to record even at night is of great advantage. With this device, you are sure of twenty four hours of superb coverage of your entry door area.

Answers door from anywhere:
That is convenience at its best. This surely makes this doorbell more unique compare to what is obtainable with some other doorbells.

Free lifetime purchase protection:
You get replacement if your doorbell is stolen. This is more or less like an insurance cover for you and that means you don’t have to pay any money in case you lose it to any criminal

Smart lock systems compatibility:
The Ring doorbell is compatible with some smart lock systems and that means you can actually open your door for a guest from wherever you are.

Prompt alert:
Ring doorbell sends instant alert to users whenever it discovers any motion in its covered area


  1. It’s a bit higher in price compare to other doorbells
  2. You will need to pay monthly subscription charges if you want to access all the features (the fees are cheap anyway)
  3. You need a functional Wi-Fi to operate it


In all fairness, the doorbell needs few modification but its many features and benefits would give you the desired value for money.

Pick your preferred colour

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This is an ultra slim video doorbell from from the stable of Ring. This video doorbell is design to incorporate more categories of users to the conventional doorbell.

With Ring Video Doorbell Pro, you are privileged not only to monitors what is going on in front of your doors on mobile devices but also, on your desktops.

Also, the doorbell comes with four interchangeable face plates and amazing customisable  alert zones.


  • Ultra slim
  • interchangeable face-plates
  • customisable alert zone
  • Motion sensor
  • good night vision


Multiple device usage advantage:
This device could be connected to multiple devices and that means everyone in your home would be able to monitor what is going on in the covered areas

Desktop user friendly:
With this doorbell, you enjoy the opportunity of monitoring your door area on your desktop. All you have to do is to download the Ring app and you would be connected without hitches.

Lifetime purchase protection:
As obtainable with the conventional Ring doorbell, the Ring video doorbell pro earns you total protection against theft as its manufacturers are pledging replacement for stolen doorbell.

Four interchangeable face-plates advantage:
With this doorbell, you can choose to swap to any face-plate of your choice out of the four different colours provided by the manufacturer.

With this doorbell, you could attend to your guest from anywhere whether you are home or enjoying some cool breeze at the beach

Ring Video doorbell offers one year warranty which to some extent provides some measure of comfort

The device requires an existing hardwired doorbell to function

Check it Out
Ring Video Doorbell Pro


AVANTEK DT22 Portable Door Bell Kit, 52 Chime Tones
AVANTEK DT22 Portable Door Bell Kit, 52 Chime Tones, 1000 ft / 300 m Range

This AVANTEK DT22 Portable Door Bell Kit does not just come in good and attractive design but also boasts of about 1000 feet operating range coverage as well as two flexible door chime options. The blue LED visual alerts device that also boasts of 52 chime options worth the accolades it’s getting from users.

In spite of the fact that it commands some measure of qualities, AVANTEK DT22 Portable Door Bell Kit remains lowly priced and that makes it an ideal product for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much on doorbell.  The product looks great but one thing you may have to cope with is its colour as it might likely not blend with your house colour.

Also, you don’t need to worry over not knowing when someone is at your door as you will as the device would alert you of any visitor via its melodious chimes and flashing of blue light.

The AVANTEK DT22 Portable Door Bell Kit has proved that the efficacy of a device does not lie in its size or price. It’s 100 feet coverage range and whooping 52 chimes sets it apart from the crowd. It remains one of the most highly rated modern doorbells that have stood the test of time


Good Modern Design:
Its design is cute and sleek – so adorable

Exceptionally long operating range:
This device provides almost the longest operating range which is 1000 feet. This is subject to not having obstacles between the transmitters and the chime

At the push of button by your visitor, you are not only going to hear your chime’s sound but also a blue LED visual alert flash thereby guaranteeing instant notification

Multiple Melodious chimes:
This gives you opportunity to pick a preferred tone for yourself unlike some others that leaves you with no choice but to cope with awful custom sound.

Quick install:
This AVANTEK DT22 Portable Door Bell Kit is easy to install in quick easy steps and that means you don’t need any technical knowledge to get it done

Screw battery-powered push buttons to door frame or get them glued to the wall with the aid of double sided tape


The push buttons are not waterproof which may likely make it ineffective stormy weather moments.

AVANTEK DT22 Portable Door Bell Kit, 52 Chime Tones, 1000 ft / 300 m Range

Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push ButtonThe Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button may not be cheap but its many features and benefits attached are good enough value for money.

The wireless doorbell does not offer multiple chimes but   also provides you with adjustable volume control with which you could regulate the chimes to your own sound tolerant level.  Its operating range is about 250 feet which isn’t bad for a doorbell in its class.

Nobody wants problematic doorbell and I am sure you don’t either. The Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime like many other doorbells is easy to install and as a matter of fact, it could be installed by almost anyone with enough strength to screw nuts into a wall or wood.

Also, it boasts of adorable features such as motion detectors, push buttons and multiple visual alerts and many more.

Its compatibility with multiple push buttons is an added advantage to users. Most notably of the many features setting it apart from other entry point devices is its three LED indicators that readily alert you when a device has been triggered and features an exclusive event log that recalls which device was last activated.


  • Battery operated.
  • Multiple push buttons advantage.
  • Motion detectors.
  • It has multiple chime tunes
  • Adjustable volume and three
  • It has 3 visual alert icons.
  • Comes with Self learning code system which automatically adjusts to eliminate interference.
  • One door-bell.
  • 250-ft operating range.


Good operating range:
With operating range of 250 feet and motion detection advantage, this doorbell isn’t bad for you. That means you will be able to make informed decision before the visitor gets close to your door

Good alert system:
Its LED indicators are there to alert you of any visitor around your door or gate. This is ideal reason being that in case you miss the sound, the LED indicators would notify you of the miss

Multiple chime advantage:
You have opportunity to choose a preferred chime and at the same time control sound volume

Limited Warranty:
Manufacturer of this doorbell offers one year limited warranty which is still a good offer. Not many manufacturers are bold enough to offer such warranty

Easy installation:
The Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button is very easy to install. All you need is a screw driver to screw your push buttons to the wall or door.

You still need a door viewer to know who is at your door
No battery included
Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Buttonbuy from amazon

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell
SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell Operating at over 500-feet Range with Over 50 Chimes

One of the most popular doorbell you needed to consider is the SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell.

It is one of the few weatherproof doorbell in the market that has been able to stand the test of time. The doorbell is a wireless doorbell with operating range of 500 feet hence, providing opportunities for users to move the chime to wherever he feel comfortable for him in his house.

The SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell is a simple but cute design doorbell that comes with over fifty incredible ring tones with provision for sound’s volume adjustment.

Most doorbells restrict users to single colour but the SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell comes in various colours thereby giving users opportunity of picking the right colour for their homes.


  • Adjustable volume to suit users sound tolerant level
  • 500 feet operating range
  • One push-button and chimes
  • Weather-resistant push button
  • Visual alert indicator


Multiple color advantage:
the device comes in multiple colours such as baby blue, beige, black brown white and many more hence, giving you the opportunity to pick a colour that fits your home.

Easy installation:
With SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell, installation is made easy. It could be screwed to the door post or alternatively, use of self-adhesive tape would work fine.

Moving your chime to wherever you choose in your home is possible with SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell. You don’t need to worry over possibility of not hearing  your chime in certain locations in your home as its operating range is approximately 500 feet.

Weather resistance advantage:
The doorbell weatherproof hence, defects resulting from  storm and other extreme weather conditions  have been taken care of and that provides complete peace of mind

This is a great deal if you are living in places with places with extreme weather conditions as you will not have to worry over your doorbell failure


  • Power outage would result in break in transmission between transmitter and receiver
  • Inability to keep record

The SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell is one of the top rated doorbells in the market and you and if thousands of users are rating it high, you won’t regret picking one up from Amazon

Click through to Amazon for more colours
multiple doorbell colours

buy now

Wireless Doorbell: What You Need to know

Have you ever had your excitement cut off by a seller who chose to send you a blue shirt instead of a green colour shirt ordered? How do you feel when you check back on a seller who promise a refund in case of any defects but discover he has vanished into thin air or choose to blame you for his products defects? Virtually everyone has one bitter experience or the other when it comes to online purchases.

Without taking too much of your time, let me share with you some of the things you should look out for making buying decisions on doorbells.


This is possibly the most important requisition when considering buying of doorbell. It’s a major factor to be considered as it as it is a major determinant of whether a doorbell would serve your purpose or not. Buying a doorbell with short operating range in a big house would amount to waste of money.

An average doorbell has an average of 150 feet operating range.  This is not to say that doorbells with short operating range are worthless as they could be all you need in a small apartment.  Note that your house design is also one of the things to be considered as that wall may be constituting interference thereby reducing the operating range of your doorbell.

One of the many reasons you are opting for modern doorbell is to make things convenient for yourself and to achieve that you need a doorbell with a chime that could be heard wherever you are in your house


Any doorbell with cumbersome installation doesn’t worth your money and time. Always go for doorbell that is easy to install.  Installation of doorbell should not take more than five minutes and I am sure you don’t want to waste your time on a doorbell.

The only thing you need to screw to the wall or doorpost is the push button while your chime should be movable. Most doorbell manufacturers make things convenient for you by providing you with screws and batteries to power your device.


You need good sound but not noise. Learn to pick a doorbell with multiple chime sounds . You don’t want to get bored with a sound that is not even appealing to your ears. What if you have a chime with which you could download songs to be used as ringtones?

Doorbell sound is what you will keep hearing on daily basis and you cannot afford to overllok its effects on you.

You should be able to change your ringing tones during holidays and special moments such as your spouse’s birthday, fathers’ day, mothers’ day and so on.


You don’t need a doorbell that looks like electrical gear box but a device that is stylishly crafted and could easily   fit to your house design. Gone are the days when all you need from a doorbell is a box and any form of sound.

You doorbell should be able to serve as an interior decor and that is why you may also want to consider the architectural design of your house as well as its colour when choosing a doorbell.

Also, you may also want to consider a design that is not easily buried in the dark in case a visitor arrives late in the evening


Avoid doorbell that doesn’t offer you volume control options or of what use is a doorbell that would not allow your baby to sleep when shells like sleeping?  A good doorbell is supposed to offer you the opportunity of adjusting its sound to your own sound tolerant level.


Why should you give him your money if he couldn’t assure you of product performance for a certain period of time?  No free money anywhere!  Make sure you discuss warranty and return policies before buying from any store.  A seller is supposed to show some measure of commitment to satisfying you whenever you make a purchase from his store


There are at least three options currently available as more sellers are entering the market Some doorbell are designed to use either disposable or rechargeable  batteries while some are designed to be plugged to electricity source.

If you are opting for a doorbell with rechargeable batteries, make sure the manufacturer include both the battery and its charger. Also, be sure the charger is available in open store in case you need to replace them someday.If you are not ready for any battery buying hustle, buy a doorbell that uses kinetic energy from Amazon


The major determinant of required number of push buttons is the size of your house. Several doorbells comes with several push buttons  but I don’t think you need multiple push buttons if you are living in a small apartment.

It is important to assign a separate ring tones to each push button if your device supports this option so as to know which of the buttons is pressed whenever your bell rings. The fact that a doorbell supports multiple push buttons does not make it a better option hence, the need to consider factors when making a buying decision


A doorbell’s usefulness is not supposed to be limited to just notifying you of a visitor who is at your door but also, serve as a security gadget and that is why in recent years several advanced technologies have been added to doorbells. Many doorbells now come with motion detector, video recording, cloud storage features and much more.

For maximum security, your doorbell must be able to integrate with other security accessories in your home.

The Ring Doorbell has been able to achieve much success in this area. Aside from being able to watch live stream of what is happening in front of your door wherever you are, you can as well lock or unlock your door. Imagine if you are not home to receive a delivery but could still open your door for a drop shipping company to safely drop your goods inside your house.


If there is anything you don’t want, it is a doorbell that rings when your next door neighbour tries to open his store or garage. That could be so annoying especially if that happens when you are trying to take a nap.


There are cheap doorbells out there but if you want a doorbell with enough security features, be ready to pay hundreds of dollar. This does not mean the cheaper ones are not good enough – they will surely serve you except that they don’t come with security benefits


Like I mentioned when I was discussing warranty and return policy, you’ve got to be sure you get the desired value for your money and to get that, always buy from trusted online store like Amazon so as to avoid losing money to fraudsters


What happens when you get carried away by your favorite movie series?  If you are football lover, you are likely not to hear doorbell sound when your team scores against their opponent and that is why you may have to consider a doorbell with visual alert.

Advantages of wireless doorbell

There is no point buying a product if it offers no benefit. Below are few advantages of wireless doorbell

No wiring required:
unlike what was obtainable in the early 1990s. modern doorbells do not require any wiring and that leaves your wall and ceilings neat and tidy at all times. Wiring is not cheap  and that invariably makes modern doorbell more economical and time saving

Security advantage:
With modern doorbell, you are more secured as many of them com with security cameras. These type of doorbells helps you to know who is at your door without getting closer and that will help you in making informed decision on whether to allow the visitor in or not.

You can always communicate with your visitor while they are standing outside if you are not comfortable being with them alone

Wireless doorbells are more portable:
Modern doorbells are portable as they no longer come in bigger boxes with different types of wire and even the few big ones are elegantly crafted.. They are movable devices that could be taken to any part of your home provided it falls within the operating range of your doorbell.

Good Price:
There is no way a wired doorbell could price higher than a wireless doorbell but the cost of installing the former is always high and could invariably make its price almost at per with the latter.

Also, if you compare the price of the few  ones with security features with cost of installing intercom in your home, modern doorbell would still cost you less

With wireless doorbells the risk of losing your house to fire no thanks to poorly installed doorbell does not arise.


I am sure you know the answer to be yes but kindly do me a favour by reading to the end as you may discover some hidden truths about video doorbells.

The video doorbell is an advanced set of doorbells that are created to meet peoples yearning for more safety environments.

Live video:
With modern doorbells especially ones with video camera, you are able to communicate with your visitors live without stress

One of the major attributes of a good video doorbell is its ability to see clearly in environments that are not well lit. This is made possible with the aid of inferred LEDs. In other words, even if an intruder chooses to come when it’s a bit dark, he will not be able to hide his identity from video doorbell’s camera.

With a video doorbell, you don’t have to worry over loss of data as your device automatically stores your information in the cloud. They are basically performing the functions of a security camera in their own little way

Innovation and technology:
Wireless doorbells come with so much innovation and technology thanks to competition stirred up new entrants in the market as well as companies that want to maintain their market leadership. Examples of such innovations and technology are introduction of motion sensors, video camera and stylish designs

Easy Installation Advantage:
With the many features and technologies behind video doorbells, one would have thought they are complicated and could be very difficult to install especially if you are not a gadget geek but the reverse is the case in that it could be installed in few minutes without any assistance from any expert.

This is possible the best of them all. You don’t need to be close to your door. You don’t even need to be home to attend to your visitor. Video doorbells such as Ring has proved that all you need to get connected to your visitor is your iOS devices, or your smartphone

Note that this is only available with few  quality doorbells

Video doorbells are more economical when compared with prices of security cameras obtainable in the market today. Some of their features that require monthly subscriptions are also cheaper when compared to some other security systems

Let me provide a direct answer – neither of the two is better but are meant to complement each other


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